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The Connemara community belongs to the Brookwood cluster of schools in Gwinnett County. This includes Gwin Oaks Elementary School, Five Forks Middle School and Brookwood High School. In addition, students have access to many private schools in the area.

School closings or delays are normally listed on the Gwinnett County Public Schools Web Page.

Elementary School

Gwin Oaks Elementary School supports full-day Kindergarten through grade 5 and is currently capable of serving approximately 1100 students. Gwin Oaks' history of academic exellence includes being recognized as a Georgia School of Excellence in 1984 and 1989.

The main office number is 770-972-3110. For more information, please visit the Gwin Oaks Web Page.

Middle School

Five Forks Middle School supports grade 6 through 8. Five Forks Middle School has been recognized for academic excellence on several occasions. In 1983-84, 1987-88, and 1999-2000, Five Forks was a Gwinnett County School of Excellence and/or a Georgia School of Excellence. In 1988, Five Forks was recognized as a National School of Excellence.

The main office number is 770-972-1506. For more information, please visit the Five Forks Web Page.

High School

Brookwood High School, located in south Gwinnett County, has an enrollment of 3,028 students in grades 9 through 12. The school is consistently rated a top ten high school in the state. According to the Georgia Department of Education's Report Card, Brookwood students annually are among the county and state leaders in student achievement and test scores.

The main office number is 770-972-7642. For more information, please visit the Brookwood High School Web Page.


The Gwinnett County Public Schools provide a public pre-kindergarten service that is instituted through private businesses. These are typically 5-day a week programs. More information is available through the Gwinnett County Public Schools Web Page.

In addition, there are many area churches and privately run businesses that provide a variety of private preschool options that may better suit your individual needs.

Private Schools

St. John Neuman Regional Catholic School

St. Pius Catholic High School

Greater Atlanta Christian School

Killian Hill Christian School

Providence Christian Academy

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