Pool FAQs

FAQs, Emails and Examples

This is what I like to call the grey area. These are examples of what would and would not work within the Pool Rules. These are examples I’ve assembled over the years and will add if worthwhile

Can I swim laps in the morning before the pool opens?

Yes – send Mr. Klar an email stating as such. He’ll send you back a waiver to sign. Once done, you are good to go!

Can I swim laps at night after it closes?

No - Here is the double standard. There is a different sort of individual out and about at 10 pm – then at 7:30 am. I know work and kids make it tough to find time before – but we don’t need to set the example that any resident over 18 can use the pool at any hour of the night. Yes, you might be responsible - and I appreciate that – but unfortunately the balance swings after 9pm – the majority of “responsible people” are getting ready for work or school in the morning…they are not picking up a towel and heading to the pool.

My child is 8 and swims like a dolphin. (S)he’s been on swim team for years – can (s)he swim on her own at the pool?

No. To be able to swim unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, the swimmer must be 10+ AND a Emergency Contact Form would need to be turned in. Furthermore – unaccompanied swimming is a privilege which WILL be revoked if the swimmer causes a disturbance for the guards.

I work all day can my babysitter or grandma bring the kids?

Yes….as long as the sitter is 16+, and the Emergency Contact Forms have been turned in. Again, this will be at the guards discretion. If the sitter is bringing along a bunch of friends – or cousins from outside the neighborhood, that would be considered a swim party and an additional guard would need to be brought in, at your cost. It is expected that the babysitter is babysitting the residents children only.

My child was sitting there minding their own business and the guard told them to leave…

Then they need to leave. Mr. Klar will go over the incident report with the guard and we’ll take it from there. Regardless of your swimmer was right or wrong, they need to understand that the lifeguard is there for everyone’s safety – and needs all the support and help that we can offer.

Who died and made Mr. Klar the Pool King?

Nobody – I was tricked into it several years ago and have been trying to work my way out of it ever since. I’d strongly suggest you nominate someone to please run against me in the next election.

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