Pool Parties

It is considered a party if a resident brings more than 5 swimmers with them to the pool. Pool parties need to be scheduled in advance with Mr. Klar danklar@yahoo.com). Failing to do this in advance, you will be asked to leave the pool area while we attempt to bring in another guard - at your expense. The number of lifeguards quoted to you will be determined on the quantity of swimmers and type of party you are holding. (i.e. it is a far greater safety concern for a class of 1st graders, than the Brookwood HS Swim Team).

During pool hours (11am to 9pm)

  • Pool parties may be held during normal pool hours (11am-9pm) as long as the number of total swimmers does not exceed 20.
  • Additional life guard coverage is required when there are more than 5 swimmers.
  • Parties are limited to 3 hours maximum.
  • There can only be one party at a time.
  • The cost, per lifeguard, is $20/hr with the check payable to “Connemara HOA”.

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Published on: 2014-06-12 (1622 reads)