How to Use the 911 Emergency System

E-911 Emergency System

There are three (3) different types of emergencies: Police - Fire - Medical. You may be reporting any of these as a result of your participation in the C.O.P.S. program. The "E" before "911" stands for "Enhanced." This means that when a call is made from a phone in Gwinnett County, the phone number and location appear automatically on the 911 operator's screen, along with the name of the person or business to whom the phone number is assigned.

How to Use 911

  1. Advise what kind of assistance is needed: Police - Fire - Medical
  2. Speak calmly and clearly
  3. Stay on the phone and answer all questions. DO NOT hang up until the 911 operator tells you to. Follow the operator's instructions. The operator is trained for emergency situations and will guide you through.
  4. The 911 operator will ask you:
  • Your name, adress and phone number
  • What the trouble is
  • Where the trouble is
  • If applicable, a description fo the suspect, suspect's vehicle and direction of travel

Emergency calls are prioritized according to the degree that persons or property are threatened. For example, a crime in progress would take precedence over one that was committed the day or night before. Police response time depends upon officer location, availability and the priority of the call.

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