Member Responsibilities


Primary contact between neighborhood and Gwinnett County Police Department

1. Coordinates all C.O.P.S. activities.
2. Maintains a master ledger of all Block Captains and Participants.
3. Notifies the Crime Prevention Unit of activities, changes, etc.
4. Distributes information to Block Captains.
5. Coordinates introduction of new residents to C.O.P.S.
6. Participates in "Calling Tree" according to guidelines.
7. Documents all reported incidents.
8. Attends all meetings.


Block Captain

The contact between Liason and Participants

1. Assist Liason in coordinating meetings and activities.
2. Is responsible for a number of homes.
3. Maintains a ledger of assisted participants.
4. Participates in "Calling Tree" according to guidelines.
5. Documents all reported incidents.
6. Attends all meetings.



1. Supplies Block Captain with ledger information.
2. Participates in "Calling Tree" according to guidelines.
3. Notifies Block Captain of new residents.

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