Master Communities

Maintenance Plan

Once a neighborhood has completed its first year requirements, three (3) meetings per year are required thereafter. All meetings are to be set up by the Liason. The first meeting each year must be a Liason/Block Captain meeting and will be attended by your Precinct Liason Officer.

The second meeting is up to the Liason and Block Captains as to what they would like to do. Unlike the first meeting, this event should beopen to all neighborhood C.O.P.S. members. Some neighborhoods choose to team up with their Homeowner's Association and organize a block party or other social event. This situation is good and is encouraged, but cannot be a recognized C.O.P.S. meeting if it excludes C.O.P.S. members who are not members of the Homeowner's Association.

You may also wish to schedule a program offered by the Crime Prevention Unit. Listed below are some of the programs offered to Master Communities. Please note that the programs are available Monday through Thursday only.

1. Child Safety for Parents
2. Date/Acquaintance Rape Awareness - High school and college-age young men and women
3. Gang Awareness
4. Drug Awareness
5. Consumer Fraud
6. Domestic Violence Prevention - danger signs, resources, how to get help
7. Senior Citizens Safety - For seniors and their family members/caretakers
8. Bicycle Rodeo

The third and final meeting is the Annual C.O.P.S. Festival held in October. This event is also open to all neighborhood C.O.P.S. members

If you would like to schedule a Crime Prevention Unit program, please try to call your C.O.P.S. Liason at least a month in advance. Program schedules fill up fast.


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