The Design Review Committee establishes and enforces community standards in the realm of the association's architectural scheme. Please be aware that changes/improvements to your property require prior approval (front and back facade and yard included). The form required for property modifications is shown below. You can print this out and forward it on to the Design Review Committee or you can fill it out online and click SEND to have it sent electronically to the Design Review Committee. If you send the form electronically, you may have to submit additional materials to support your request. See the form below for requirements.

If you cannot print this out, and do not have a hardcopy form, please call a committee member or write a letter outlining your change request and submit it to a member of the committee.

Request for Modification Review

Connemara Homeowners Association

Fields marked in red are required.


Name Date
Address Home Phone
City / State / ZIP Office Phone
E-Mail Address  
Description of modification requested:
Estimated Start Date: Estimated Completion Date:
  Electronic Signature:

Under each of the headings below, all the items listed must be submitted. Please call a member of the Design Review Committee for information required for other types of modifications such as retaining walls, tree removal, additions, detached structures, outdoor play equipment, pools, tennis courts, etc.

Please check each item that applies to this request to indicate you have read the requirements specific to the type of modification you are requesting.

Picture or drawing of fence type. (Can be sent via e-mail or hardcopy mailed)
Dimensions - Maximum height may not exceed six (6) feet; maximum span between posts should be ten (10) feet; minimum post size should be 4x4; must have 2x8 rails or three (3) 2x6 horizontal rails per section.
Color - Natural or painted to match exterior trim color
Site plan denoting location - Fence may not be located closer to any street than rear edge of home. On corner lot, fence may not be closer to side street than sideline of house. Please use a copy of survey.
Crossbeam structure must not be visible from any street (must face inside toward yard)
Materials - Cedar, cypress or No. 2 grade or better pressure-treated pine.
All nails, screws and/or fasteners shall be aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized.
If fence is solid privacy type, all posts shall be anchored in concrete.
Deck / Porch  
Picture or drawing (deck must match any existing deck.)
Dimensions (design must meet or exceed city and county building codes.)
Color - Natural or painted to match exterior trim color.
Site plan denoting location. (Should not extend past sides of home.)
Materials - Cedar, cypress or No. 2 grade or better pressure-treated pine.
Paint **Submit ONLY if other than original paint color
Paint sample - John Weiland Homes color used in or approved for this or another John Weiland community in the same county. List of currently approved colors provided here or available from the DRC.
Area of home to be repainted.
Photo of your home plus homes on either side. In most cases adjacent homes cannot be the same color.
Storm Windows / Doors  
Picture or drawing of all windows/doors on which storm windows/doors will be installed.
Picture or drawing depicting style of storm window/door to be installed.
Color - Pre-finished enamel, wood or painted to match exterior trim color of home.
The bottom of mailbox door should be 46 to 48 inches above low point of concrete gutter.
The front of mailbox should extend about 4 inches over the backside of concrete gutter. ( Towards center of road )
The round mailbox should be large size black box, not the small size.
Depending on address the post should be white or unfinished wood.
Send your request and /or supporting materials to:

Christy Schutter

The Design Review Committee meets the second Sunday of each month.